Akatsuki Harada

»Working together with nature«


The Group "The Creation and the Voice of the Woods” is a non-profit organization. This group is organized by citizens and artists, creating working arts events in the forest.

In 1997 we did the “International Open-Air Art Exhibition Yokohama”. Since that time we have been borrowing the forest, it is a planning site for the public park “Yokohama Animal’s Forest Park”. This also includes the Yokohama Zoo named “ZOORASIA” and belongs to Yokohama city. We held an open-air art exhibition in 1997 for contemporary art, our basic concept is “Producing artwork at the forest and exhibit it”. During the last 14 years, our exhibition has become a place of various expressions with various genres: we have planned musical concerts, performances, workshops, playgrounds for children, dance and theatre plays. On the other hand we have maintained the environment of the forest.

The main focus of the project:

- Every proposal always includes installation work. Artists of various fields can collaborate.

- We are trying to make programs of events, in which visitors can participate.

- We are trying to keep the natural environment of the forest.

- We ask the participating artists to produce artwork, which creates a dialogue with the natural setting of this forest.

Since 2006, we started the exhibition series called “Art Exhibition in the Forest of Yokohama”. In 2012, the 5th edition of this project started at the middle of May. This time only Japanese artists produce artworks and do arrangements on their site. The exhibition period will from October 20th to November 18th. Please check it www.morinokoe.jp (only Japanese text)

After the huge disaster and accidental problem of the nuclear power plant in northeast Japan, we learned a lot from this. Our group found some important thoughts concerning our society, which are related to the natural environment of the forest, because our daily life became very distant from it. I would like to express to all of the world “Big Thanks for supporting us”.


1956 geboren in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa, Japan.

1985 - 1997 Soloausstellungen in Gallerien in Tokyo.

seit 1986 Gruppenausstellungen / Einladungen zu Symposien und Outdoor Ausstellungen in Japan, USA, Korea, Deutschland, Philippinen, Thailand, Schweden, Niederlande, Indonesien, Australien. Meine Arbeit wird im Außenbereich oder in einer natürlichen Umgebung installiert.